Sophie Davant gives her opinion on the rumors that claim that she is in a relationship with William Lemeyrgie (VIDEO)

It’s on the show C Mediabroadcast this Sunday, January 15, that host Sophie Davant took advantage of her time on the show to discuss her interview with the first lady of France, Brigitte Macron, which will be available in the magazine S like Sophie.

However, the host ofDeal Concluded was also questioned about a rumor concerning her private life. Last summer, photos appeared in the press showing her with the journalist, William Lemeyrgie. Sophie Davant, visibly exasperated, gave her cash opinion on this information revealed.

I can’t stand it, I talk about my private life by only telling what I want to tell, and I can’t stand being robbed of an intimacy that I don’t want to reveal, so I systematically attack” she asserted.

Sophie Davant explained that she had never confirmed or invalidated the information that she would be in a relationship with the journalist.

It’s you who say ‘my love’, but I’ve never expressed myself on this subject.” did she say.

This information, which concerns only her, did not have to be disclosed: “It’s my business, everything else is in the hands of my lawyer (…) obviously, it sells, it’s difficult to do a job on the air, an image job, not to mention yourself ( …), once again I only talk about myself by telling what I want to tell, the rest is stolen from me, so I attack.“, she explained to Mélanie Taravant.



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