SNCF: rising ticket prices, frozen subscriptions … 2023 prices revealed

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SNCF presented its 2023 prices this Friday morning. TGV fares will increase by 5% on average. The railway company has decided to set up a tariff shield.

Taking the train will cost more in 2023. As expected, the SNCF has decided to increase its fares to cope with rising energy costs. The prices of TGV and Intercités trains will increase by 5% on average from January 10, 2023. The increase could have been twice as high.

“We are facing an additional cost of 13% in 2023. We will therefore bear more than half of it. We want to continue developing the offer, while continuing to offer attractive fares”, explains the CEO of SNCF Voyageurs. Christophe Fanichet. If the SNCF announces an increase of 5% on average, tickets may undergo a much higher increase depending on the lines or schedules.

The railway company will launch a tariff shield on TGV Inoui tickets and all Ouigo tickets. She specifies that one million high-speed tickets will still be sold at less than €25 next year.

Prices that will increase

Rates affected by inflation will be last minute reservations. SNCF points out that they will increase for the first time in eight years. Professional customers will also have to pay more for the train with a 5% increase in all “business premiere” tickets but also Liberty subscriptions, Max active and Max active +.

Prices that do not change

The “minimum” prices set up at the opening of sales will not change. All of the Ouigo train fares remain unchanged. Similarly, the SNCF has decided not to modify the fares of the advantage card sold for €49 and its advantages: it allows 12-27 year olds to obtain prices capped at €39, €59 or €79 depending on the distance. These ceilings are maintained at least until September 2023. Similarly, the SNCF does not touch the TGV Max Youth cards for 16-27 year olds who will remain sold at €79 per month. Status quo also for TGV Max senior season ticket €79 per month for over 60s.

Exchange and refund: new

With the Covid-19, the SNCF had relaxed its conditions for exchanging and refunding tickets. They are currently free up to three days before departure. From February, the deadline will increase to a maximum of 7 days before the departure date. The SNCF explains that it is facing “an explosion of cancellations” between D-6 and D-3 and wishes to have “better visibility”.

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