singer Hoshi denounces the inaction of justice against harassment

The 26-year-old singer, cyberharassed for almost three years, appealed to the authorities in the face of misogynistic, homophobic and grossophobic insults, which too often go unpunished.

“I no longer have the strength.” Since March 2020 and the Victoires de la Musique ceremony where she kissed one of her dancerssinger Hoshi experiences an unbroken wave of cyberbullying.

This Thursday evening, the 26-year-old artist published a text on his Twitter account, accompanied by screenshots of misogynistic, homophobic or even grossophobic insults from Internet users.

“Justice does nothing”

While the day was marked by the death of young Lucas, a teenager who committed suicide after being the victim of bullying and homophobiaHoshi directly challenged Emmanuel Macron on what she considers to be dysfunctions of justice.

“In France, you can threaten people, make homophobic remarks and go out freely in the street because justice does nothing,” she lamented.

According to her, despite thousands of messages received, and therefore reported, “only one person will potentially be summoned to a ‘trial’ in June”. Our colleagues from Parisian had also revealed last June that after a complaint filed by the artist, a young man had been arrested in Brittany for threatening the singer with death and that several minors had been identified.

She then added: “I who love my country so much, I have just lost faith in justice. I have a message for the State: save us while there is still time, do not wait for it to end badly before you take an interest in the files.”

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VIDEO – Hoshi targeted by homophobic insults: one of his stalkers was arrested

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