should we watch the TV movie worn by Blandine Bellavoir and Lannick Gautry broadcast this Tuesday, November 22?

France 3 rebroadcasts this Tuesday, November 22 at 9:10 p.m. the police TV movie Notice of storm. Carried by Blandine Bellavoir and Lannick Gautry, this fiction navigates between past and present until the resolution of a complex investigation. Is it worth the detour?

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This Tuesday, November 22 from 9:10 p.m., you will be able to (re)discover the police TV movie Notice of storm on France 3. In the cast of this plotwhich takes us to the heart of Brittany, you will find among others Blandine Bellavoir, Lannick Gautry, Antoine Duléry, but also Valérie Mairesse and Stéphane Debac. As in many detective fictionsit is the story of a character who returns to his native region as part of an investigation and crosses paths with former relatives, including a childhood sweetheart.

Notice of stormWhat is it about ?

In Notice of storm, back in Perros-Guirec, in her native Brittany, the child psychiatrist Julie Meynard (Blandine Bellavoir) would like to find out who killed her former theater teacher and the motives of the crime. Beyond this investigation, led by her childhood sweetheart Erwan Le Braz (Lannick Gautry), the young woman finds herself immersed in the tragic disappearance of her child brother, on the eve of the 1999 storm. retirement, Commissioner Bertier (Antoine Duléry), in charge of the case at the time, does not seem to want to stir up the past.

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Should we watch Notice of storm on France 3?

If you are a fan of detective stories like those in the collection of Murders at…you can safely try Notice of storm. This case constantly oscillates between the investigation in the present and the memories of Julie and her entourage concerning the disappearance of her little brother. Thanks to a plot with neat twists, a dark atmosphere, magnificent coastal landscapes, and a convincing cast, this detective film, of fairly classic style, will make you have a good evening. In the second part of the evening, at 10:40 p.m., you will be able to follow up on the rebroadcast of Murders in the Cotentinnotably with Léa François and a certain… Lannick Gautry!

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