Shock around the Giannis affair: “I’m going to bust your face”

The Giannis Antetokounmpo case is still far from over. Montrezl Harrell was acting up, to the point of getting angry with the brother of the Greek Freak, Thanasis. A rather violent exchange and threats at the rendezvous. The reunion between Bucks and Sixers will be tense…

Definitely, the soap opera Giannis Antetokounmpo has many surprises in store. As a reminder, and after the defeat against the Sixers, Giannis Antetokounmpo wanted to work on his free throws. A habit for some players after a poor performance. Only here, the Greek Freak mostly hung out with a few staff members instead (see you here).

A pretty damning video for the Bucks player, and ultimately far from revealing the whole affair. A few minutes before this incident, Montrezl Harrell became involved in this story. Eager to train, according to him, the Sixer asked that his counterpart be fired from the floor. He even went take the ball from him to force him out of the room.

Show Harrell ready to do battle with Antetokounmpo

But Harrell didn’t stop there. A few moments later, the pivot spoke with Antetokounmpo: Thanasis more precisely. The brother, also a Bucks player, spoke with the former Laker to try to find out more. The discussion quickly heated up, before seeing a few threats in the lot.

“I’m a real one. You can try to see for yourself my man… You just pissed me off. I will smash you”

Good atmosphere between Harrell and Antetokounmpo. We will closely monitor the next matches between the Bucks and the Sixers, especially since this controversy is not over yet. It is not impossible that the NBA put its two cents in it, especially given the threats and the irritations.

Montrezl Harrell was keen to fight Thanasis Antetokounmpo, but the two men were able to get separated. A situation that should certainly not please Giannis. The Bucks player just wanted to practice after all, but his opponent decided otherwise. A very sad attitude.

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