“She could be a cowhide”

Solene Delinger
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5:53 p.m., January 19, 2023

Guest of the program “Chez Jordan” Thursday January 19 on C8, Catherine Nay was not tender with Bernadette Chirac. The political journalist has indeed assured that the former First Lady could be a “scary and snobbish cow skin”.

Catherine Nay does not mince words towards Bernadette Chirac. guest of the show At Jordan’s Thursday January 19 on C8, the political journalist remembered the times when she was able to meet the former First Lady.

“She was very moody”

“Bernadette Chirac, I saw her at the hairdresser, she was a frightening and snobbish cowhide! She was very moody”, explained Catherine Nay. “Sometimes she didn’t say hello. We didn’t know why!” Continues the journalist, who nevertheless points out that Bernadette Chirac “could say very funny things” when she was “in a good mood”.

“It’s true that he was cheating on her”

On C8, Catherine Nay also remembered Bernadette’s secrets about her relationship with former President of the Republic Jacques Chirac. “She always told me ‘he’s cheating on me’ and it’s true that he was cheating on her! (…) She suffered, she never wanted to divorce. Despite everything, they laughed together! They had a relationship that belonged only to them”.

Asked by Jordan De Luxe about the current state of health of Bernadette Chirac, Catherine Nay kicked into touch. The political journalist is indeed no longer in contact with the former First Lady. And, she no longer speaks either with the daughter of Bernadette Chirac, Claude. “She pushed reporters aside when her father became ill, […] and it’s the same with his mother who is very fragile”, laments Catherine Nay.

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