sharp drop in prices at Superchargers, is it Black Friday Tesla?

Tesla drivers were pleasantly surprised to see Supercharger prices drop sharply this Wednesday, November 23.

Right now, recharging via a Supercharger can feel like a lottery. You’re here a chain of price changes, which brings its share of good or bad surprises. But that of the day is very good, since the drivers who wanted to top up on November 23 discovered prices falling very sharply.

As a reminder, Tesla reviewed the grid tariff on November 14, by setting up a higher price per kWh from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., in order to encourage customers not to recharge during this time slot, which is synonymous with a peak in consumption and a risk of blackout . From 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., it was 66 cents per kWh. The rest of the day it was 59 cents.

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We speak in the past, because since this Wednesday, the kWh is much cheaper. The principle of a higher price from 4 to 8 p.m. is retained. On the other hand, there are variations depending on the location of the Superchargers. Thus, a member of Automobile-Clean forum showed in Brest prices of 33 and 37 cents per kWh depending on the time slot, while another saw in Saint-Brieuc 35 and 39 cents.

If there are small differences between the terminals, this is still a sharp drop in the price of charging at Tesla. Is it linked to the sensational arrival of Lidl on the fast charging market, the brand displaying 40 cents per kWh on terminals up to 360 kW? Or is it linked to a context of Black Friday, this period of intense promotions that takes place around Friday, November 25?

We contacted Tesla to find out more. The brand explains that this is not a promotional offer, it adapts its prices regularly to changes in the energy market. When the electricity goes down, the firm passes it on to its customers.

Since that day, the average price for a customer with a subscription is 34 cents per kWh at off-peak hours and 38 cents at peak hours (16 to 20 hours therefore). For a customer without a subscription, it’s 49 and 55 cents.

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