SFR first operator to offer Universal+ in France and it’s free for its subscribers

SFR first operator to offer Universal+ in France and it's free for its subscribers

The SVOD platform is now launched in France, SFR gets the scoop.

The platform of a giant settles in France and puts down its suitcases first with the operator in the red square. NBCUniversal today announced the launch of Universal+ in France.

This platform notably includes access to the channels 13ème Rue, SYFY, E! and DreamWorks but also to many on-demand content is now available on the replay of SFR and RED boxes or directly on the operator’s application for subscribers. And this at no extra cost.

Among the content offered are exclusive series and seasons such as Station Eleven, The Real Housewives of Dubai but also original 13th Street series like Internal kitchen Where Marion. For the little ones, the contents of the DreamWorks channel will also be a good place to look for something to occupy them for the holidays with The Adventures of Puss in Boots, Croods: The Origins

This announcement makes sense when you know the historic partnership between the studio and the operator, the DreamWorks channel having already been offered to SFR subscribers.

If SFR is the first operator to distribute this platform, it’s not over. The American firm announces that “further information on the non-exclusive distribution of Universal+ in France will be announced in the coming weeks“.

This article was taken from the Univers FreeBox website

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