Sbf 120: Which French listed companies are traders betting the most on the downside?

(BFM Bourse) – S&P Global Market Intelligence has compiled the most “shorted” stocks on the second most important Paris market index, the SBF 120. A ranking that has some surprises in store.

Short selling remains an extremely risky and unsavory strategy for retail investors. We explained it very well in a previous article.

As a reminder, this technique amounts to betting not on the rise but on the fall of an action. It consists in borrowing (for an agreed rent) the said share from someone who owns it and selling it on the spot, counting on a fall in the price which will allow it to be bought back at a lower price when it is returned to its owner, by thus pocketing the difference.

Some seasoned investors are known for their “coup”, such as Muddy Waters, a specialist in short selling who, for example, distinguished himself by his attacks on Solutions 30, before taking his profits, a little more than a year ago. year.

At present, which companies are the most targeted by these “short-sellers”? The most reliable data in this area is compiled by S&P Global Market Intelligence, the benchmark player.

At the request of BFM Bourse, this data specialist belonging to S&P has established a ranking of the SBF 120. The measurement of short selling is done via the percentage of capital in circulation which is lent. It should be noted that these data were stopped on November 11. The table contains some confirmations.

The railway equipment supplier Alstom, known to be the target of short sellers, leads with 15.36% of its capital on loan. The group however published this week excellent half-year results.

groups with experienced a difficult stock market this year are also at the top of the ranking. This is the case ofOrpeathird (14.17%) orAtos ninth (8.72%).

On the other hand, other companies are present in this ranking, while their stock market performance over the whole of the year is, at the very least, honourable. This is the case, for example, ofOrange. The telecoms group has gained 4% since the start of the year, outperforming the CAC 40, which fell by 7% over the same period. But that does not prevent Orange to place in second place the groups with the most shares loaned (14.8% of the total). It is the same for vinciCrossroads and TotalEnergiesrespectively ninth, tenth and eleventh.

These three values ​​evolve in the green over the whole of 2022, and TotalEnergies even saw its price gain more than 30%, driven by the rise in oil and gas prices. One explanation could be that some investors feel that these stocks have reached their peak, and therefore are counting on less glorious days for these stocks…

Note: the stock market variations mentioned were stopped on Friday at the beginning of the afternoon

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