Rome: three women found dead in an upscale neighborhood, the fear of a “serial killer”

Wind of panic in the Italian capital. Roman police launched a manhunt on Thursday after two women, believed to be Chinese prostitutes, and a Colombian transgender sex worker were found dead in an upscale neighborhood of Rome.

The bodies of two Chinese women were discovered at the end of the morning in a building in the Prati district, one of the most chic in Rome. The body of one of them, naked on the landing, was seen by a neighbor. Aged about 40, she had head and stomach injuries, according to the Italian daily Il Corriere della Sera. And when the police intervened, they discovered the body of the second Asian victim.

The South American’s body was found in an apartment in the same neighborhood an hour later, police said. The transgender victim is a 65-year-old Colombian whose body was discovered by a friend, according to Corriere della Sera.

The fear of a serial killer

The three victims were reportedly stabbed to death, according to the Italian press, the daily newspapers Il Messaggero and La Repubblica even warning of a possible “serial killer” in the Italian capital. However, investigations are still underway to try to find out if this crime and the death of the two Chinese nationals are linked. Investigators are studying the telephone communications of the victims to find out if there is a link between them.

They were all three “probably sex workers”, according to the police, adding that the South American had been fatally injured in the abdomen.

“Everyone knew there was a bad reputation apartment here, with people arriving at two, three in the morning,” a resident of the building in which the bodies of the victims were found told the press. Chinese.

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