ratings revised upwards

The Argus has revised its ratings in an exceptional way, to better “stick” to the reality of this particular market.

TheArgusa real institution since the 1930s, followed by professionals in the automotive sector, announced on Tuesday an exceptional revision of the used car ratings.

Olivier Flavier, vice-president Mobility France of the Adevinta group, which is the parent company of TheArgus and owner of Le Bon Coin, summarizes: “The sale prices of used cars have increased by around 30% in two years. This had never happened in such a short period of time”.

“Stick” to the market

And Olivier Flavier explains the reason for this new assessment: “As we have noticed a gap which was becoming much too great between the selling prices of used cars and our ratings which are necessarily lower, we have rectified our depreciation curves to ensure that they stick more to the market”.

As a reminder, this argus corresponds to the depreciation curve for each type of vehicle starting from its selling price when new.

A disrupted automotive sector

It’s a fact, used car prices have gone up 30% in the last few years alone. “It had never happened in such a short period of time”, says Mr. Flavier. This upward revaluation of prices is decisive for individuals selling their car to a dealer.

And as with many areas of our lives, Covid-19 has had an impact here too. Indeed, the car market fell sharply with the confinement and the newspaper had suspended its ratings for the first time since 1940. And certainly, the second-hand market has just as strongly rebounded in 2021but it collapsed last year by 13.5%.

Scarcity of recent vehicles

Another undeniable fact: the scarcity of recent cars has led to an increase in their price, encouraging buyers to prefer, or at least favor, older modelsindicated at the very beginning of the year the firm AAA Data.

Olivier Flavier explains on this subject:

Today, this is an anticipated adjustment that has been worked on for several months by teams of experts and data scientists. It concerns all private vehicles, with different levels of adjustment depending on the energy and the age of the vehicle.

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