Qi Test: You have 5 seconds to find the missing form and pass for a pure genius!

Taking an IQ test is a great way to understand your level of intelligence and see how you stack up against others. These tests are a great help in developing intellectual abilities and can even help improve behavior and decision-making skills.

Today we have a little IQ challenge for you to test your intelligence. You have 5 seconds to find the missing shape and pass for a pure genius!

Daily IQ Challenge

Today’s IQ challenge is to find which grid should be placed on the ?. On the image presented, a list of grids which follow each other, formed by 4 squares with 2 colored shapes in each grid. You must guess according to the choices presented: A,B,C,D which one to place? In 5 seconds?

iq test 2
What is the missing form among the answers?

Explanation of the solution to this intelligence test

To guess the logic, one must understand that the right geometric shape color repeats in the next grid, but also the left geometric shape color.

So the solution to this IQ test is form B.

This test is a good way to see how logically you think and see if you can come up with quick solutions to complex problems.


Did you enjoy this IQ challenge? Would you like to make more? Feel free to share this article with your friends and family to see how they are doing! Good luck and have fun!

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