Qi Test: Beware of migraines with this test that only geniuses pass in 10 seconds!

IQ tests are a fun and interesting way to measure yourself and reflect on intellectual challenges. Today we have the iq challenge which can ignite the spirits of geniuses and leave you with a headache if you’re not fast enough!

Daily IQ Challenge

Today we have an IQ challenge that will amaze you! In this test, a list of square, round and triangular shapes is presented, with shapes inside in different colors.

There is a “hole” in the list, and the challenge is to choose the shape among the four choices A, B, C and D that completes the list.

Everyone can eventually get there. Only will you manage to solve this test in 10 seconds ? 1 in 10 people get there. Are you that genius? Test yourself now.

iq test form 1
What form is missing from the list to continue the logic?

Explanation of the solution to this Qi Test

To solve this challenge, you have to understand the logic behind shapes and colors. Here are our thinking steps:

  1. A single shape (without shape inside) is repeated on the next shape, also in single shape
  2. The color of the single shape becomes the color of the inner shape of each next shape
  3. The interior shape inherits the unique shape that succeeds it
  4. The color of the inner shape inherits the color of the single shape that precedes it.

Following this logic, therefore, the solution to this challenge is form C, as it is the only form that completes the list.

Shape C, because the hexagon inherits the shape that precedes it, the interior shape is a triangle, because it is the shape that follows the list. The yellow color for the interior triangle because the hexagon placed before is yellow and the blue for the hexagon because the triangle placed after is blue.


In conclusion, this IQ challenge was fun and challenging – and did you pass it? Did you enjoy this challenge and do you want to do more?

Please feel free to share this article with your friends and family. Who knows, maybe they will find this challenge as stimulating as you do!

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