Pro D2 – Quentin Witt (Montauban): “Shaun Venter? After the match, I hugged him and said thank you!”

PRO D2 – The third line of Montauban Quentin Witt was struggling to recover from the victory in the snatch of his team against Provence Rugby (20-16). He had a particular word for his scrum half Shaun Venter, author of the winning try.

When all hope seemed lost, you win at the last second. How is it possible ?

It was a very committed match, a real showdown. It was very complicated but we succeeded with a lot of character, a hell of a pair as they say. The Aixois caused us a lot of problems and we weren’t helped either… There was a bit of everything against us but we managed to get out of this trap. You really don’t have to be cardiac anyway.

You were reduced to thirteen and suffered a big drop in the game. How to explain it?

I don’t know if there was a downturn. It’s just that we were taking the impacts, there were a lot of decisions against us and we, instead of tightening up and fighting, we were raising our heads. Some guys were bitching too. And inevitably when you are busy bitching at the referee, you are no longer focused on your job and Aix-en-Provence played well. After when, you’re at thirteen, it’s more complicated.

Offensively, you couldn’t break free?

Like the matches against Angoulême or Massy, ​​we are still a little feverish. We have to manage to switch, to be sure of our strengths. Strangely, we didn’t feel that during the match in Biarritz, but at home, we have a feverishness.

In the last quarter of an hour, would you rather go into touch than take the points and look for a draw?

Draws are good, we have already given. We have to be conquerors at home, we have to be dominating, so we had to believe in it until the end. There, we annoy them on a key, suddenly their heel lobes the block, we recover, pick and go and Shaun will score. So it’s wonderful. Afterwards, we have to manage to make the matches easier because the coin will not always fall on the right side.

What can you tell us about the performance of Shaun Venter, author of a double?

After the game, I hugged him and said thank you! (laughs). He is an experienced player, who athletically speaking is very strong. We have to put ourselves in his wheel and use guys like that who have desire and energy. It’s good for the group.

Kévin Firmin seems to score ten minutes from the end but the try is refused. Your opinion?

Me, frankly, it’s starting to get on my nerves that we don’t use video. I know we are badly classified but last week Max Mathy ends up in the in-goal and we don’t use the video, there the linesman is sure of himself when we see that Kévin Firmin scores before the balloon pops. I think it’s worth watching. I sometimes see Top 14 or Pro D2 matches where the referees take three minutes to analyze a situation. Why not with us?

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