Prince Joachim and Princess Marie leave Paris for Washington

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie of Denmark will cross the Atlantic in a few months. Settled in Paris for a few years, the second son of Queen Margrethe II is setting sail and is about to start a new life in the United States. It is in Washington that Joachim should now work and where his two young children, Henrik and Athena, should study.

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The second son of Queen Margrethe II will leave France in the summer of 2023

It will become more and more complicated for Prince Joachim, 53, and Princess Marie, 46, to join family events and make regular trips to Denmark, as they have been doing for the past few years. Prince Joachim joined France in 2019 to undergo training at the Center for Advanced Military Studies (CHEM). Then he got a job as a Danish defense attaché in Paris. Meanwhile, his wife, Princess Marie, has also landed a job in the cultural department of the Danish Embassy in Paris.

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie leave France with their two children, Prince Henrik and Princess Athena. Here, photographed on vacation in Cahors in July 2022 with Prince Felix, Joachim’s second son (Photo: David Nivière)

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Prince Joachim is however preparing to leave France, the country of origin of his father and the country of origin of his wife, Princess Marie, if we are to believe the information from the Danish daily BTwho would have learned the news from several independent sources. The newspaper is even able to announce the destination of the younger brother of Crown Prince Frederik. Joachim, Marie and their two children should go to Washington DC, the American federal capital, where Joachim should probably continue his work as a Defense attaché, this time with the United States.

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After the dismissal of his children, Joachim takes off with his family

When he signed his contract in Paris in 2020, it was announced that it was for a period of three years. If some had imagined that he would be renewed, Prince Joachim had already made it clear to Billed-Bladet that the Parisian adventure would end in the summer. “It’s a fantastic job, but it stops this summer”, he confirmed two weeks ago to Billed-Bladet. In this interview, he spoke in particular of his satisfaction at having clearly progressed in French, the language of his father and his wife.

Prince Felix, Princess Marie, Prince Joachim, Princess Athena, Prince Henrik and Prince Nikolai pictured on September 11, 2022 in Copenhagen. They will soon be known as Count Felix, Princess Marie, Prince Joachim, Countess Athena, Count Henrik and Count Nikolai. Nikolai and Felix live in Denmark, while Joachim and his wife are due to join Washington after Paris (Photo: Patrick van Katwijk/Picture Alliance/ISOPIX)

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“I am also happy to have been able to contribute to initiating an industrial rapprochement between Denmark and France in the field of defence, which has already taken on a real dimension”said Prince Joachim, who immediately spoke of the preparations underway to start his next mission, which he hopes will be just as successful.

If the information of a move to Washington is confirmed, then it is likely that Prince Joachim and his wife will be more and more discreet in Denmark. The Royal Court has not yet confirmed the destination. A few weeks ago, the Queen Margrethe II has taken the decision to depose the four children of Prince Joachim. Joachim is the father of two sons from his first marriage, Princes Nikolai and Felix, 23 and 20, and two children from his remarriage to Marie, Prince Henrik, 13, and Princess Athena, 10. The four children will lose their princely title in January 2023 and will officially become Counts of Monpezat on this date.

The order of succession to the Danish throne remains unchanged despite the stripping of the princely titles of Prince Joachim’s four children (Image: Histoires Royales)

The decision to depose four grandchildren of Queen Margrethe II, who also has four other grandchildren by her eldest son, Crown Prince Frederik, has been widely criticized and misunderstood by public opinion. Joachim and Marie but also Joachim’s two eldest sons reacted publicly with great emotion to this decision. Marie notably made it clear that her young daughter suffered from it at school. Henrik and Athena will have to get used to a new environment, from the start of the 2023 school year.

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