pleasantly surprised, some French supporters denounce a “Qatar bashing”

No respite for our Blues who will play Saturday at 5 p.m. against Denmark. In the meantime, the supporters who have come to Qatar take advantage of it and are surprised. They had been predicted an overpriced Arabian Peninsula and poor reception conditions, but they are pleasantly surprised. Some supporters do not hesitate to shout at Qatar bashing.

Fadwa, Nadia and Saïd made Bordeaux-Doha in 6 hours, prejudices in their luggage, due according to them, to a one-way discourse in France. “In terms of organization, Qatar was perfect. Even regarding the prices, we were surprised to hear in the media that it was very expensive. There are 5 of us, we took an apartment for 6 and it came back to us 500 euros for six days. I think the price is quite correct. Gasoline, we had a full tank for 20 euros and the rental of the car for a week: 300 euros”, they explain.

Without questioning the climate aberration and the question of human rights, Patrice and Thomas, who came from Paris, are also rather surprised: “For once there was a country in the Middle East that organized this competition, we wanted to see with our own eyes. We visited. In fact, we saw that really, when we arrived at the airport, the organization was really very, very well done. No waiting, it was very fluid, even for traffic, etc…”.

A speech that also offends French expatriates in Doha. One of them showed us on his phone the trailer for the France-Australia match broadcast on TF1, which carefully avoids specifying where this World Cup takes place. No image of the stadium, nor of Qatarthe voice-over of the first channel in France prefers to speak of “new adventure”.

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