Pinot disappointed by his teammates

While he decided to turn his back on cycling at the end of the season, Thibaut Pinot regrets the lack of support, in 2021, after his rant against ketones and corticosteroids.

The announcement had the effect of a bomb. At 32, Thibaut Pinot has indeed decided to end his career at the end of the season. The Tour of Lombardy, which he won in 2018, will be his last race. “When I run, we’ll know it’s the last time, before I go and bury myself in my hole”he said in an interview with The Teamdrawing the main lines of his season: “For my last year, I want to go there, it would piss me off to miss it. The Tour was tough, but it was also the one that gave me the greatest emotions. For my last year to be beautiful, I have to be there. Just for everyone who supported me. »

The native of Lure will leave without regrets. Blame it on his injury contracted during the Tour de France 2020 which made him live a nightmare season in 2021. “There, I realized that it was difficult, that I was getting old and several times I thought about quitting”, he explained. The third of the Tour 2014 will not be sad either to leave the cycling world to find his goats. And the reactions caused by his rant in 2021 against ketones and corticosteroids are not for nothing. The reactions or rather the absence of reactions. »

“No support, no call, nobody, he regretted. I thought I would be a little bit more supported, especially by the guys on my team. That’s why I can leave this environment without regrets. I often said what I thought, I wanted to help, I got no return. So now let me live my life. I will miss some people, especially in the staff, but the environment, no. »

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