Peter Bosz tackles a team without a “champion mentality”

Barely in the top 10, dropped out of the race for Europe, Olympique Lyonnais is going through a new season full of turbulence. This will have cost his position to Peter Bosz, never really convincing on the side of the Rhone. Dismissed a quarter earlier, the technician would almost rejoice to see that nothing has gone better since his departure.

“There’s of course a reason why they didn’t win a title in the years before me,” Peter Bosz said in an interview. at ESPN. In my opinion, the power rested too much on the players and there was not really a mentality of champions at the club. They all want to be without being ready to behave like one. Ouch.

Bosz sees himself well as a coach

The Dutch coach also spoke about his future. He would see himself, in particular, as the successor of Louis Van Gaal at the head of the Oranje – although Ronald Koeman has already been appointed. “I think a coaching job suits me perfectly. You can still succeed as a nation with attacking football. We could simply play in attacking 4-3-3 with the Dutch national team. “A way to flirt with the opinion in the country, not frankly excited by the defense at five interviews in Qatar.

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