“Persuasive” and “manipulative”: in the United Kingdom, a police officer admits to having committed 24 rapes

He was arrested more than a year ago, but it is only today that the scale of the crimes he is accused of has been revealed. A Metropolitan Police officer has confessed to committing at least 24 rapes over a period from 2003 to 2020. Arrested in October 2021, 48-year-old David Carrick admitted a total of 49 offenses against 12 women. Most of the facts took place in the county of Hertfordshire (north of London), where he resided, specifies the BBC.

According to The Guardian, his superiors had been informed several times before his arrest that he constituted “a threat to women”. Nine incidents were reported between 2000 and 2021, but “no action was taken, the women refusing to file an official complaint or renouncing to cooperate with the police investigation”, underlines the British daily.

Some victims he admits to having attacked were said to have been warned that they would not be believed if they were to tell what they had suffered, because he was a police officer. According to investigators, the man sought to dominate and humiliate his victims. In particular, he forced several victims to remain naked in a dark cupboard under a staircase, where they were sequestered for several hours.

“He abused the power he had as a police officer”

David Carrick admitted on Monday four counts of rape, forcible confinement and indecent assault, concerning a 40-year-old woman in 2003, before Southwark Court in London. He had already pleaded guilty to 43 offenses (including 20 rapes) in December, without this being made public. Investigators are considering the possibility that other victims may now come forward. The verdict of his trial is expected next month.

“This is one of the most shocking cases the prosecution has had to deal with involving an on-duty police officer,” said Jaswant Narwal, the head of the prosecution. “The scale (of his crimes, editor’s note) is appalling,” she added. “Carrick was persuasive, but also incredibly manipulative. When first meeting his victims, he charmed them by telling them that he would try to control them. And he would often use his position as a police officer to stop them from leaving or report him, suggesting it would be their word against his and they would not be believed,” Jaswant Narwal explained.

“On behalf of the Metropolitan Police,” Assistant Commissioner Barbara Gray said she was “sincerely sorry.” “We have missed opportunities, over time, to identify his abusive behavior. (…) We are very sorry that he continued to be a police officer. He abused the power he had as a police officer,” she also said.

After his arrest, he was immediately suspended from his duties and the police institution initiated accelerated disciplinary proceedings against him for professional misconduct. A hearing is due to take place on Tuesday.

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