Paray-le-Monial. When Gad Elmaleh laughed and cried with the cathos of Paray

Gad Elmaleh on stage, microphone in hand, making a full house laugh and descending into the audience to kiss a few fans. The scene is at first sight could not be more banal in the life of the comedian. What is a little less is the decor and the context.

This day in July 2022, the comedian is not performing on the stage of a performance hall but under the big top of the Paray-le-Monial sessions organized by the Emmanuel religious community. An event attended every summer by thousands of Catholics from all over France.

The guest of a producer and member of the community

That day, Gad Elmaleh, who speaks in front of a giant icon of Christ on which is inscribed “Receive the Holy Spirit”, is not in representation. If the Jewish star…

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