Paramedic finds out teenage girl she couldn’t save was her own daughter

Called to the scene of the collision, on an Alberta highway, the paramedic intervened with a young girl who suffered from serious injuries. She first tried for about thirty minutes to extricate her, remaining by her side until the victim was taken by helicopter to the nearest hospital.

“My worst paramedic nightmare has come true”

In a second step, and while the rescuer returned home after her service, it was the police who arrived at her home to tell her the terrible news. It was her 17-year-old daughter, Montana, who was involved in the accident, adding that the hospital was unable to resuscitate her. The Guardian specifies that the young daughter of the paramedic had left in the car with a friend, to go walk her dog.

In the days that followed, Jayme Erickson’s Facebook post, to share his grief, has been shared thousands of times across the country, making this story famous around the world. “The gravely injured patient I had just cared for was my own flesh and blood. My only child. My mini me. My daughter, Montana. Her injuries were so horrific that I didn’t even recognize her. The pain I feel is unlike anything known, it’s indescribable. My worst paramedic nightmare has come true,” she said.

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