Our readers find “the spirit of Dummies” in a show that “does good”

“Usually I don’t look TF1. There I put the football matches of Global and I came across the show. I’m a fan ofAlain Chabat, his humor and I find his late show successful and funny. Congratulations to the channel, it’s a nice surprise”, enthuses Karine in response to the call for contributions launched by 20 minutes the day after the first of ten Late with Alain Chabat. Broadcast every evening at 10:55 p.m. on the front page, the program allows our readers to rediscover the spirit of the collective discovered on Canal+ in the 1990s.

“It feels so good to find this absurd humor of Alain Chabat…. I’m a fan of American late shows, a perfect adaptation, we couldn’t have dreamed of better”, confirms Morgane. An observation shared by Camille, happy to find “the humor of Dummies and the finesse of Chabat”. “Unfortunately the French public prefers to watch Hanouna or Canteloup… That says a lot,” she laments. Morgane is delighted to see on the small screen a program whose goal is simple: “Just laughing, quite simply, it feels good. »

“Imitation” or “adaptation” of the original concept

An almost identical transposition of the American late show “à la française”, the origin of the program was enough to put off some readers of 20 minutes. “Even if the concept is American, it’s still Alain Chabat’s paw,” reassured Raphaëlle after the first broadcast. She notes a downside: “The endless advertising cuts…”

Same observation for Océane who deplores “far too many ads that abusively cut program time. It’s painful. “. According to her, the host of the show, on the other hand, allows the show to “voluntarily stand out from the American versions”. “Oscillating between malaise, valves and absurd… It’s very successful! »

In this wave of optimism, other viewers found it harder to stick with the program. Jérôme, yet a fan of Alain Chabat, says that Le Late “didn’t even make him smile”. According to him, the show’s host “gets completely lost” trying to emulate the American format. Curious to discover this new program from the ex-Nul, Jean-Marie says he watched TF1 “for the first time in twenty years” during the premiere. However, he did not hang with the format and wonders: “Chabat are you getting old or is TF1 ruining your life? »

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