On January 17, let’s celebrate International Italian Food Day with delicious food!

January 17 marks International Italian Food Day, a celebration of Italy’s rich culinary culture and the diversity of dishes we know and love.

Italian cuisine is known and recognized throughout the world for its tasty and refined dishes. From pizza to salads and desserts, Italian cuisine is full of good food. This day is the perfect opportunity to discover the delights of Italian cuisine and to promote the diversity and richness of Italian gastronomy.

The different dishes of Italian cuisine

Italian cuisine is one of the most popular in the world and includes many and varied dishes, such as:

A day set up by Italian chefs to promote cooking

The origin of World Italian Food Day goes back a few years. It was established by a community of Italian chefs who ply their trade on an international scale. The objective of this annual event is to promote and enhance authentic and traditional Italian cuisine in Italian restaurants around the world.

It’s also the start of Carnival, an ideal time to share delicious specialties from all over Italy.

Thus, World Italian Food Day was created in order to celebrate and introduce people to the richness and diversity of Italian gastronomy.

Throughout the world, it is an opportunity to bring together lovers of Italian cuisine, to rejoice and share moments of conviviality.

Italian cuisine, a cuisine rich in flavor!

International Italian Food Day
International Italian Food Day

Many dishes are prepared from natural and fresh ingredients. Fresh vegetables and aromatic herbs are often used to add flavor and color to dishes.

In addition, dairy products, meats, fish, pasta and vegetables are present in many Italian dishes.

Italian dishes are usually served with spicy sauces, such as tomato sauce, pesto and olive sauce.

Italian dishes also tend to come with various cheeses, such as parmesan and ricotta.

There are also ingredients such as herbs, lemon and black pepperwhich are used to flavor and flavor dishes.

Italian dishes are traditionally served with wine, which helps to enhance the flavor of the dishes. Beer and red wine, which are usually served with Italian dishes, are also very popular.

The International Day of Italian Cuisine is the perfect opportunity to discover the different Italian dishes and the flavors they offer.

In addition, the preparation of the dishes is quite simple and can be done quickly and easily.

So why not celebrate January 17 by making some Italian dishes? It will surely become an annual tradition that you would like to share with your friends and family.

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