Notes: Villarreal-Real Madrid

Real Madrid faced Villarreal in the Copa del Rey round of 16 today. Here are the notes attributed by our editorial staff to the people of Madrid.

Courteous: 5.5 – Not much to report for the Belgian, except that today he didn’t achieve any miracles. He was beaten twice, by Capoue and Chukwueze.

Military: 7.5 – Courtois is often talked about, and rightly so, but Eder Militao has been doing quite a remarkable job in recent games as well. He is solid defensively and was also decisive on the other side of the pitch today.

Rudiger: 3 – It was better in the second half but the German was again a weak point in the Madrid defense. He is passive on both goals and covers the offside on the second.

Nacho: 7 – The staff duty fireman was today called in as reinforcement on the right wing. As usual, the Spaniard responded and held the barracks with Militao for a long time. Several very good interventions.

Mendy: 6.5 – The Frenchman played his match overall and he was an actor in his left lane. He sent two good crosses and struck on goal, but with the right foot.

Kroos: 4 – Curiously, Ancelotti chose him again to play in front of the defense and unsurprisingly, the German suffered a lot.

Camavinga : 6.5 – The Frenchman took advantage of his new tenure this time to earn points, even if the copy remains imperfect. He played under the pressure of the yellow card from the half hour mark and did it well.

Valverde: 4 – We still haven’t found the Fede before the World Cup.

⭐️ Ceballos: 8 – The man who rocked the meeting, undeniably. Beyond the third goal, he is involved in the first two and that is no coincidence. He is available, he has the juice and he plays forward with a high percentage of success thanks to his technical quality.

Rodrygo: 5 – There was better on his side with more mobility, runs and opportunities.

Vinicius: 7.5 – After a tricky first half, Vinicius Junior came back with a sight finally set and that made all the difference. It was he who revived Madrid thanks to his equalizer and who was untenable throughout the last half hour of play.

Benzema: 3 – Karim Benzema has rarely been seen to be so technically imprecise. He missed a lot of checks, passes and didn’t really weigh on the team’s comeback either.

Ancelotti: 4.5 – The Italian made a mistake in his choices at the start of the match by staying on the classic, insisting with Kroos in front of the defense, Rüdiger in the middle and Nacho on the right without incorporating players like Ceballos into his eleven and Asensio who are doing good lately. The team needs this freshness!

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