Nine people killed in two motorcycle attacks

Two attacks, one method. Attackers on motorcycles killed nine people on Wednesday in the Khuzestan region and in Isfahan, in Iran, Iranian media and a hospital source said. Among those killed are a 45-year-old woman and two youths aged 9 and 13, as well as two paramilitaries. Several police and paramilitary officers were also injured.

In Izeh, in the province of Khuzestan (south-west), “elements terrorists guns” aboard two motorcycles opened fire in a market where demonstrators and security forces were gathered, killing five and injuring 10, an official quoted by the official Irna news agency announced on Wednesday. “Two wounded died Thursday at dawn, bringing the toll to seven killed and eight injured,” said an official at the Jondi-Chapour hospital in Ahvaz, the provincial capital, quoted by Irna.

The precedent of an Islamist attack

It was in this attack that a woman and two teenagers were killed. Among the eight injured are two paramilitaries and three security guards. police, a provincial security official told state television. Separately, according to a senior judicial official in Khuzestan, three of the assailants have been arrested and efforts are continuing to identify their accomplices.

Four hours later, in Isfahan, central Iran, two assailants on a motorcycle fired automatic weapons at paramilitaries (Bassidji) in a street, killing two of them and injuring two others, according to the Fars agency. President Ebrahim Raisi ordered the authorities “to act promptly to identify the perpetrators of the attack and bring them to justice for punishment”, according to Fars. On October 26, at least 13 people were killed in Shiraz in an attack claimed by the group Islamic state and perpetrated in the mausoleum of Shahcheragh, the main Muslim shrine Shiite from southern Iran.

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