Nikos Aliagas gives details on his injury which prevented him from presenting the NRJ Music Awards

Last Friday, Nikos Aliagas was unable to present the NRJ Music Awards ceremony after having had a big fall in full live from the Star Academy. The host says more about his injury.

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If you watched them NRJ Music Awards 2022 Friday evening until late at night, you were no doubt surprised by the noticeable absence of Nikos Aliagas. The host of the ceremony was indeed absent, and had given way to Camille Combalwho had just completed Dance with the stars. In question, a big fall from the one we find every Saturday as a bonus on TF1 in the star Academy.

A big fall that “scared” Nikos Aliagas

An absence that Camille Combal had made a point of emphasizing by giving him a tender wink : “You have noticed, I am not Nikos Aliagas, he is unfortunately injured. He is fine, he is recovering. We are thinking of you very much”, he launched live from Cannes. A few days later, and while the historic TF1 entertainment host was live again this Saturday in star Academy, we know a little more about the heavy fall he suffered when he fell into the pit during the November 12 broadcast. Questioned by our colleagues from TeleStarNikos explained “to have been afraid” : “Ripped my groin, split my foot, but show must go on” he explains, adding that he thought “moving on hard, but I fell and the other leg turned over”. An event viewers haven’t seenall of which took place during commercials.

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“You have to be careful, you can fall and not come back”

He reveals that the fall happened when production had just turned off the lights. But today, when he has just started filming the new season of The Voice and the Star Academy finale will air this Saturday at 10 p.m.before returning next year, “Everything is going well” : “We all have sores, but we shouldn’t complain.” He has since moved around with the help of a crutch when he is not facing the camera, but nevertheless admits to having been very lucky: “You have to be careful, you can fall and not come back.”

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