Neymar slams a double against Serbia!

If there is a moment for you to decide to bet, it is during this World Cup, which is moreover for the great debut of Brazil which will try to snatch a sixth star as Neymar and all the Brazilian people. Especially since the sports betting site Parions Sport en Ligne makes you win up to €100 in freebets by betting up to €50 and €10 offered without deposit with the code “FMCDM”. Among the various bets offered by FDJ on this Brazil-Serbia, here is for us the most interesting and least risky odds* that we have selected for you in order to take advantage of this exceptional offer:

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Neymar offers a double against Serbia (odds at 7.50)

In great difficulty last season at PSG, Neymar has recovered since last summer and has regained the level that was his when he was at FC Barcelona (11 goals in 13 Ligue 1 matches). More than ever, the Brazilian star will be the number 1 asset of the Selecao in Qatar. It must be remembered that Neymar remains on a series of 5 goals scored in the last 5 matches of the Brazilian selection. And for fans of statistics, the Ney has already scored 6 goals in 10 World Cup matches. So many elements that make the number 10 of Brazil will delight against Serbia and will offer himself a double to put his people in orbit for the major objective of Brazil, namely a sixth world title!
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(*odds subject to variations)

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