News | Mistakenly locked in a suitcase, a cat discovered in the X-rays of the New York airport

New York airport security officers have discovered an astonishing stowaway: a cat, mistakenly locked in a suitcase. The US Transportation Safety Agency (TSA) recounts this unprecedented rescue on Twitter. The story has since been relayed by many media across the Atlantic and spotted in France by West France.

In the caption of the photo, on which we can see the feline’s fur protruding from the suitcase, the TSA spokesperson explains that the animal was spotted by X-rays before placing the suitcase in the pressurized hold. “The traveler said the cat belonged to someone else in his household. On the bright side, the cat is out of the bag and back home safe and sound“.

The TSA shared the images that helped find the cat.

Cats like to put themselves inside bags, boxes and suitcases… But for this one, this choice of basket could have been fatal. Fortunately, it’s a story that ends well for this red-haired passenger with mustaches.

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