Netflix adds a nugget to its catalog

Netflix adds a hit to its catalog of mobile games, only a few months after its release on consoles and PC.

Netflix’s rise in the world of video games is taking its course, and the firm is working hard as the end of the year approaches. After addingOxenfree, Moonlighter or Spiritfarer, another game previously released on consoles and PC joins the catalog. This is’immortalityan independent nugget available since this summer on the Microsoft ecosystem.

immortality is a title in its own right that has upset many players as it is a particular work. In this narrative adventure game, you investigate the mysterious disappearance of a famous actress. Throughout her career, Marissa Marcel starred in three films, which were never released. It is therefore your role to gather the clues and put the pieces of the puzzle back together by watching extracts from these almost cursed feature films.

If it caused such a sensation, it is because the game was created by Sam Barlow, the originator of the highly acclaimed Her Story. Like its previous title, immortality pays homage to the world of cinema with live-action cinematics and a Hitchcock-like atmosphere that follows us until the end. It makes an impression not only with its high-flying storytelling, but also with its visual atmosphere that differs enormously from modern big-budget productions.

immortality is now playable on iOS and Android at no extra cost if you are a Netflix subscriber. A godsend for anyone who likes good games since the title has been nominated several times for Game Awards 2022. On December 8, he could well win the game titles with the best direction or even that of the best narration. Manon Gage, who plays the main character, can also win the award for best performance.

It therefore joins the ranks of Netflix mobile games, which you can find full list right here. With the quality games we’ve been dealing with lately, the company’s investment in the industry is becoming more palpable and beneficial to gamers. Do not hesitate to take advantage of it as long as the service is not yet invoiced.

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