Michel Sardou fires red balls at this well-known ecological personality!

Guest of BFM TV, this Wednesday, January 18, 2023, Michel Sardou delivered his view on the news and did not miss a few tackles to a very well-known personality!

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A head that does not belong to him! This Wednesday, January 18, 2023, Michel Sardou was received by Alain Marshall and Olivier Truchot, on BFM TV. The famous singer, who planned to go back on stage in the fall for a tour across France, came to talk about his desire to find his audience, but the tandem of journalists also took the opportunity to ask him his opinion on a large number of subjects topical. And as often, the 75-year-old artist responded with all the frankness that we know of him… even if it means scratch a few personalities along the way.

It’s not very clear

There was a particular question of ecology during the interview, the presenters having noticed that Michel Sardou was already ringing the alarm bell with its title I accusein 1976 : “I accuse men of dirtying the torrents / Of poisoning the sand of children / Of neuroticizing the souls of poor people / Of necrosing the bottom of the oceans“, he sang at the time, as we could hear on set. A melody that the news channel had accompanied by some images of disasters linked to climate change, also broadcasting a photo of Greta Thunberg, a leading figure in the fight to preserve biodiversity. But it seems that the singer doesn’t really hold the latter close to his heart: “This one is not very clear. She scares me a little, that one, all the same“, he launched.

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She wound up like a pendulum

Faced with this attack, Alain Marshall couldn’t resist asking his guest about the reason for his dislike for the Swedish activist.Because, you saw, she went back like a pendulum“, retorted Michel Sardou, while the presenter tried to defend the young woman: “Because the situation is serious… you were already singing it 50 years ago.The singer ended up admitting:Yes, it’s the new generation, good, very good. Let’s go!“, he granted before explaining in more detail the way he sees ecology today: “I think everyone is green. We don’t want to dirty the world, we don’t want to see these horrors. It is not true (…) But on the other hand, I do not make an attack weapon of it. I like ecology, I don’t like political ecologye“, he concluded.

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