MHSC – Nantes: smoke bombs, agricultural bombs, stoppage of the meeting … the anger of the Montpellier ultras

Unhappy with the sporting situation of the MHSC (15th), the ultras pailladins expressed their anger with a boycott, murderous banners and throwing smoke bombs on the lawn, causing the suspension of the meeting at quarter of an hour of play.

“You’re not worth a m****!”, “Tap team*****”, “All of you go to *****” or even “Mamadou Fiasco”. No ultras from Montpellier in their usual “Etang de Thau” stand, but murderous banners against their team, severely beaten in Nice, 6-1, and too close to the red zone for their taste (15th).

Firecrackers, hostile songs, fumi on the lawn and new banner at the Mosson: this one, for the attention of those who believe themselves above the institution. The ultras have just made their appearance.

Match stopped: Nantes return to the locker room #FBsport #Montpellier #MHSCFCN

— Bertrand Queneutte (@B_Queneutte) January 15, 2023

Arrived at their places after a ten-minute boycott, it was accompanied by agricultural and smoke bombs that the ultras from Montpellier sang their first songs, resulting in the temporary stoppage of the meeting, Mr. Leonard not preferring to take risk to player safety.

#soccer #MHSCFCN #teamMHSC Several banners of the Butte Paillade

– Midi Libre Sports (@MidiLibreSports) January 15, 2023

The announcer warned the supporters that the match would be definitively stopped in the event of another throwing of smoke bombs on the lawn, with the risk of a lost match.

After a quarter of an hour break, the 22 players returned to the lawn of La Mosson and the meeting was able to resume, with an enterprising MHSC offensively, which had obtained a few chances with Wahi (9th) or Germain ( 11th).

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