Mercotte confides in his little regret about The Best Pastry Chef

The competition continues in The Best Pastry Chef ! Since September 7, applicants for the title of Best Pastry Chef redouble their inventiveness to capsize the taste buds of Cyril Lignac and of Mercotte. The latter is dreaded by the participants, in particular because of his technical tests to say the least difficult to achieve. The special Spain issue broadcast this Wednesday, November 23 was no exception to the rule since the candidates had to offer the jury a replica of the Sagrada Familia, the famous basilica in Barcelona. For Tele-Leisure, Mercotte confides in his role in the show and the evolution of the program.

“Over the seasons of the Best Pastry Chef, we had to evolve”

Tele-Leisure : Do you prepare the cakes for your challenges alone and at the same time as the competitors?

Mercotte : Oh no ! It’s not a secret. I am not a candidate. I have the right to take all my time and in addition I have the chance to receive a little help during the preparation.

In the past, Mercotte’s recipes were taken from your old grimoire…

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Oh… It was a good time ! I regret a little this period when amateur candidates had to make real pastry cakes. Over the seasons, we had to evolve. Now the challenges are much more spectacular and televisual, but I don’t think it makes viewers want to replicate the recipes at home any more.

However, each week, your event is particularly awaited…

Yes, young audiences certainly appreciate it. Now, with pastry enthusiasts, I think that Cyril’s test is much more exciting and delicious!

What do you do when candidates struggle with your challenge?

I watch series on Netflix. I watch a lot of it because I get up early, I have to fight not to fall asleep at night during filming which often doesn’t start late in the day.

“I prefer when there is more pastry and less entertainment”

You are both demanding and benevolent. Do you prefer when a pastry chef succeeds perfectly in your challenge or when he encounters some difficulties?

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The Best Pastry Chef is a television program and therefore there is necessarily an element of spectacle. Honestly, I prefer when there’s more baking and less show.

For the 100th of the show… (she interrupts)

It was great! That’s what I like ! A bit like in Everyone in the kitchen, the pastry chefs had to make Cyril’s recipe at the same time as him. The pastry chefs loved it. This Masterclass was a great test.

The theme of food waste is also becoming a very important theme for viewers. What is your view on this development?

I find that very good! This is also why we should not only ask for XXL creations. Even if there are a lot of people under the tent and everything is tasted.

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