Mercato: Inter disappointed by Skriniar, its winter price fixed

The agreement in principle announced between PSG and Milan Skriniar has consequences for his current club: Inter Milan says it is very disappointed with the attitude of its captain, without removing the armband from him, and has set its price for this winter according to the Gazzetta.

If Christophe Galtier refused to confirm at a press conference that Milan Skriniar was going to join PSG in the long term, the Italian press seems rather certain that the captain of Inter Milan will indeed wear the colors of PSG one day. So much so that Inter have now abandoned the idea of ​​​​extending the Slovak, free next June, and the proposal of € 6 million plus bonuses that has been made does not really seem to convince him.

According to the Gazzetta dello Sport, Inter would even be very disappointed with the behavior of a player considered a symbol of the club, to the point of becoming its captain after several impeccable seasons from a sporting and behavioral point of view. On the Inter side, we have not (yet) had any communication with PSG for a transfer this winter, which therefore limits the possibility of seeing Paris act quickly given that there are only nine days left of the winter transfer window.

But the Milanese club has already anticipated the thing despite everything and would have set a price for its central defender: 20M€ at least, and not a euro less according to the Milanese sports newspaper. In the offices of Inter, we rather imagine that PSG has reached an agreement with Skriniar for next season, not necessarily for this one, and we are also well aware of the difficulty of replacing a player of his quenches in a very short time. Hence a significant price for a free player in a few months.

Despite everything, a last sign in favor of a departure from Skriniar very soon has been given by a well-known Italian agent, namely Federico Pastorello who notably represents De Vrij, one of the central defenders of Inter. Asked by Rai Sport about Skriniar’s possible departure in January, he replied: “I don’t know, but the leaders of Inter called me in those hours to speed up the renewal of De Vrij. » In order to avoid the exodus in a few months?

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