Matthieu Delormeau in debt? A collection company interrupts “TPMP”, discomfort on set!

Miss Universe, Shakira, Dave, the royal family… The latest issue of TPMP People was jam-packed with topics that have made the news in recent days! But the hundreds of thousands of viewers who watched the show were surprised to see the program “discontinued”. Indeed, in full emission, Matthew Delormeau received a call to which all its columnists wanted to respond. Finally, the host took this phone call from a collection company. Stupor, laughter, discomfort on set and above all deformed face for the forty-year-old.

The latter must pay an invoice in the amount of 112.47 euros. “He’s pissing you off for an hour’s pay”slipped Laurent Fontaine. “Is that why I have no more heating?”wondered the usual Columnist of Touche Pas À Mon Poste before finally cutting the call short and picking up the thread of his show. “You need help”added the acolyte of Pascal Bataille. “I always pay at the last moment, because I tell myself that a person can die and the debt is canceled”explained Matthieu Delormeau.

The accusations of his colleagues

Last October, several columnists swayed on the stingy side of Matthieu Delormeau. “When he goes to the restaurant, he asks for the bill to have it passed to the expense account”said Guillaume Genton. “When he goes to the restaurant, at the end, he asks the waiter: ‘Do I owe you something?’ It’s shameful, it’s indecent”testified Kelly Vedovelli. “He goes around the dealerships in Paris to get cars lent for free and he returns them without a full tank of gas. He rolls by the eye!”dropped on his side, Benjamin Castaldi.

And in March 2022, Lionel Stan, general manager of H2O Productions, told an anecdote about him: “Matthieu Delormeau is paid by the minute! You should know that when you finish at 9:20 p.m. instead of 9:15 p.m., he calls production, he says ‘But there were ten more minutes’ – for example the 6 to 7 there, you have 30 minutes more, so in the boxes, he told me‘Lionel there are 30 more minutes’ so the advice I give you Cyril, when you don’t need Matthieu on certain subjects, get him out!

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Adam Javal-Fauconnier

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