Mariah Carey is not the queen of Christmas

“Christmas is a time of giving, not a season of taking.” | Screenshot Mariah Carey via YouTube

Yet she claimed this title (and the dollars that go with it).

It’s official: Mariah Carey is not the queen of Christmas, but only one queen among others. The difference is subtle but important. Taking information from the music site Billboard, Jezebel says that the singer tried to register the title of “Queen of Christmas” with the US Patent and Trademark Office, the American organization responsible for registered trademarks, but that this request was ultimately rejected.

If Mariah Carey, whose hit “All I Want For Christmas Is You” has gradually become the absolute anthem of the Christmas festivities, has encountered a refusal, it is in particular because a woman has standing in its way. Singer Elizabeth Chan, who only produces records related to Christmas, has indeed officially opposed the filing of the title of “Queen of Christmas” by the superstar. It must be said that among Chan’s albums is a record called… The Queen of Christmas, released in 2021.

On this file, Mariah Carey was a queen who was not very tenacious, since she ultimately did not insist. Faced with the reaction of Elizabeth Chan, she would have had to counter-attack by providing elements that could justify why, according to her, she deserved the title of one and only queen of Christmas. But Carey seems to have given up along the way, no doubt aware that she would not win her case.


“All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey, the unbeatable Christmas hit that took ten years to establish itself

Elizabeth Chan reacted to her small victory saying that “Christmas is a time of giving, not a season of taking”. “It’s not right for someone to try to appropriate and monopolize a nickname like Christmas Queen for purely capitalist purposes,” she added. What purity. It’s as beautiful as an M6 Christmas TV movie.


In five…


VIDEO – Mariah Carey is not the Queen of Christmas

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