Manon explains why she doesn’t think she can dethrone number 1 Margaux

Manon is now one of the best candidates of Do not forget the lyrics and everything suggests that she is on the right track to titillate the Maestros for the moment on the podium. In any case, this is what internet users claim, but not the young woman who thinks that she will not be able to go that far. She spoke with our colleagues from All TV and explained to them why she did not have the ambition to take the first place of Queen Margaux, as Nagui nicknamed her.

“I don’t think I will go that far”

On his motives in Do not forget the lyrics ? She confided: “I really arrived to surpass myself and live a crazy experience. Afterwards, we hang on from show to show to try that the dream can continue. Being the seventh greatest maestro is unexpected, but I took advantage of every moment”. Manon then admitted not having expected such a course. “I think subconsciously you can dream about it when you see all these great maestros, but I’m pretty down to earth and I thought it’s show by show. We’ll see what life has in store for us”, continued the one of the greatest Maestros. Our colleagues then asked her if she thinks she can dethrone Margaux and Manon did not hesitate to be honest. “No, I don’t think I will go that far. I know that it is very high and that there is a long way to go until Margaux. I will try to surpass myself and do the best that I can,” she said. The current Maestra then revealed that she had been greatly inspired by Maureen for “seriousness at the level of ‘the same song'” but also “Jennifer by her longevity on the show, Margaux by her crazy knowledge” and Kristofer because he “knows unlikely songs”.

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