Maghreb and Balkans: heavy rain, cold and heavy snow this week

If Europe is subjected to a marked cold since mid-January, it is also the case of the Maghreb, the Balkans and Italy where the depressions go down to very southern latitudes. As these depressions are fed both by the humidity present in the Mediterranean and by the cold air on the European continent, this results in bad weather in the form of heavy rains and snow.

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Thus, a snow offensive of remarkable magnitude currently concerns all the reliefs of Algeria, one of the most important for 4 years, without however reaching the intensity of the cold and snow wave of February 2012.

This bad weather is characterized by abundant and regular rainfall on the coastal regions of Algeria and Tunisia, but also all the Algerian mountains. Cumulative rains of 50 to 100 mm have already been reached since mid-January in many coastal towns in eastern Algeria. However, we expect, by next Friday, up to 100 mm of additional rain, the equivalent of a month and a half of additional precipitation.

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snow storm in the mountains

From an altitude of 700 or 800 meters on average, the reliefs of Algeria and Italy are affected by very heavy snowfalls. These snowfalls sometimes occurring during thunderstorms, the snow accumulations are expected to be very significant: 1 meter of fresh snow is expected around 1800 meters on the Apennines chain in Italy as well as in the Djurdjura massif and the Aurès in Algeria.

The gates of the desert under the snow

Further south, at the gates of the Algerian desert, towards Djelfa (1300 meters above sea level) snow showers may occur in the coming days. In this city, the thaw will be difficult until Wednesday with minimums which may drop to -5°C and maximums which will sometimes have difficulty exceeding the 2 to 3°C mark in the afternoons.

And already, this weekend, many sectors are blocked, paralyzed by snow in Algeria. These bad weather conditions in the mountains persist all week. No improvement is foreseen before the beginning of February from Italy to the Maghreb with the continuation of lasting cold and rainy conditions.

The Balkans also affected

Italy, Algeria and Tunisia are not the only countries affected by these bad weather. The Balkans experience very heavy rains throughout the week, which can lead to the risk of river floods and floods. In Croatia, a Bora storm is announced Monday at more than 130 km / h.

From next Thursday, with the slow movement of the low pressure system towards Greece, this country will in turn be exposed to bad weather.

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