“MAGAGA” Donald Trump’s new slogan amuses and inspires Internet users

When “MAGAGA” Means Something Else

This netizen explains that “MAGAGA” is the Finnish translation for grandmother.

Lady Gaga, The Simpsons, Pokemon

Some immediately thought of the artist Lady Gaga but also of the youngest of the Simpsons, Maggie. And if “MAGAGA” was simply a Pokémon, it would be the evolution of “MAGA”… yes, but “the worst” evolution according to one of the Internet users.

Would Donald Trump have plagiarized “Bad romance”, one of Lady Gaga’s flagship songs?

This user thought that #MAGAGA was a collaboration between Lady Gaga and McDonald’s, probably for the release of a new burger.

Others see it as references to the end of the world

And then, some Internet users, as the HuffPost explainshave seen in this new Trump slogan, a resemblance between the terms “Magaga” and “Magog”, from which the biblical character Gog, symbol of the apocalypse, originates.

“I wonder if any of the QAnon members have ever noticed that #MAGAGA bears an uncanny resemblance to Magog, one of the evil world powers mentioned in the Book of Revelation. »

“I’m pretty sure that Gog and Magog in the Bible is just a bad translation of MAGAGA. »

The slogan described as “Baby Babble”

Other Internet users point out the similarities of this slogan with those of the babbling of a baby trying to speak: the “Baby Babble”.

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