Maeva Ghennam pregnant? The candidate confides in this painful symptom of pregnancy

By Sally Northcote

– Posted on 12 Jan 2023 at 14:15

Maeva Ghennam has just confessed to her fans that she was pregnant. Did the Marseillaise have had an abortion?

Many babies are expected to be born in 2023. Sarah Lopez, Milla Jasmine or even Giuseppa will become a mother for the first time very soon. Many reality TV candidates have also already started a family. Others have trouble getting pregnant. This is particularly the case of Sarah Fraisou. Maeva ghennam is one of the few influencers to not yet had children. The love situation of the Marseillaise is, indeed, very complicated to follow.

For years, she lived a very tumultuous romance with Greg Yega. For several months, Maeva Ghennam would be in a relationship with a man named Boli. She would have met her new darling in Dubai. So far the pretty brunette has not formalized their relationship. She has also never shared photos or videos of her supposed companion. During her filming, the Marseillaise also claims to be still single. His fans, however, are not fooled. In effect, Maeva Ghennam has already been seen several times publicly in the company of Boli. Lately, without mentioning her name, the pretty brunette made her a beautiful declaration of love. It could be that the beautiful pass at the top step with her darling.

Maeva Ghennam, pregnant with Boli?

The pretty brunette shares everything with her fans. In a recent story, Maeva Ghennam confided in her beginning of baldness. Indeed, the Marseillaise explained that she had lost hair at the base of her skull. Greg Yega’s ex then said: “I can’t tell you why I had holes. In fact, if I’m going to tell you, because I’m not hiding anything from you anymore. In fact, I got pregnant and the hormones caused me to lose the little hair there”. Maeva Ghennam would have already been pregnant. However, the young woman is no longer expecting a child. The words of the reality TV candidate have sown doubt within her community of fans. Some wonder if the pretty brunette would not have had an abortion. We will have to wait for the Marseillaise to speak about this story.

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