Macron receives European industrialists on Monday in the hope of stemming relocations

While inflation and the energy crisis weigh on the competitiveness of France, the executive intends to convince the leaders to choose France for their activities.

Emmanuel Macron is due to receive major European industrialists for dinner on Monday evening to encourage them to stay in Europe and especially in France in the face of fears of a resurgence of relocations, said the Elysée. According to the presidency, the French head of state receives representatives of the European Round Table for Industry (ERT), which claims among its members some sixty large companies on the continent. Among them, leaders of the Engie, Orange, Ericsson, Unilever, AstraZeneca, Volvo, BMW, Air Liquide and Solvay groups.

Objective: tell them to stay in Europe and choose France, we explain from the same source. The executive, which has made reindustrialization one of its economic priorities, fears that energy inflation could push some companies to think about making their future investments outside Europe. What is more, he is worried about the effects of the massive investment plan in the United States promulgated this summer by President Joe Biden to fight in particular against climate change. This “Inflation Reduction Actis accused by some Europeans, and in particular France, of causing a distortion of competition with its tax credit for the purchase of an electric car built in an American factory with a locally manufactured battery.

The President of the Republic is mobilized to maintain a dynamic of reindustrialization on our soil“, we are assured at the Elysée. With this in mind, Emmanuel Macron had already proposed at the beginning of November to the industrialists who emit the most CO2 in France to double public aid to support their decarbonization, provided that they also redouble their efforts in this area.

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