Love is in the meadow: a candidate as a couple, her spicy message to the coveted farmer

A few days ago now, the 17th season of Love is in the meadow has ended. Laura, unfortunately, will not have made the heart of the farmer Alexandre beat. But this one seems to have found the right fit after the show. Do not worry, the writing of Objeko, will tell you all about it. Are you ready ?

Since then, Alexandre is still in a relationship with Annaïg. Moreover, during the assessment, the two lovebirds confided even considering moving in together and starting a family. For her part, Laura seems to have mourned her adventure on the show. On her Instagram account, the young woman mentioned the meeting with the farmer: “It’s been an adventure unique, rich in emotions and which allowed me to learn a lot about myself”.
And Laura bears no bitterness towards Alexandre. On the contrary, she wishes him happiness with Annaïg: “It is time for me to close this chapter of my life. It was a unique adventure, rich in emotions. I am happy for Alexandre and Annaïg, that they are happy”. And if the young woman has taken so much step back, it is because she is happy. In effect, she met the man of his life during the broadcast of Love is in the meadow.

Moreover, in her Instagram post, she addressed her darling. In particular, she wanted to thank him for what he brings to her: “I would like to thank my little darling I met recently for everything he brings me on a daily basis, his attentions, his gentleness, his benevolence, his joie de vivre. He fills my heart with happiness, tenderness and love every day”.

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