Live | Rolland Courbis: “This OM is simply unplayable”

Unkind to Jorge Sampaoli, “Coach Courbis” praises the work of Igor Tudor. “All the antipathy I had for the one from last season turned into sympathy for the one from this season. He has a strange background, with ten years of experience in different clubs, very serious, but which have nothing to do with the importance of OM. I pretend to know the city and the club, and there is a big problem for the coaches: the supporters are not only passionate and crazy , but they are 90% competent and knowledgeable. Last year, when you lose more than 25 points at home, it is forbidden”recalls the former Olympian player and coach. “The style? I enjoy it, obviously. You can ask 50 people and you’ll get the same answer 50 times. But I didn’t give the same compliments when we had a game every three days. Now, with a game a week , which facilitates recovery and reflection, and with the management of the five changes, this OM is simply unplayable“, estimates the consultant for RMC.

“Dreaming is not forbidden”

“But we can still be disappointed, as is my case, not to have managed to qualify for the Champions League or to finish third in the group that fell on us coming out of pot 4… Sorry, but I always have it in the way. It’s the downside, a poor performancenotes the Marseillais. Afterwards, I was one of the few on the evening of this last-minute goal against Tottenham, to be very happy not to make the Europa League from the moment we were not qualified in C1. Precisely to facilitate the course in the championship and the adventure with Mademoiselle Coupe de France. If OM beat Rennes at home, which is doable, I tell myself that we can win this cup which has eluded us for 34 years. I see Paris being able to upset us, Lens too and I am wary of Lille. In Ligue 1, finishing in the top three seems to me to be almost certain. And then, on the side of Lens, we do not look at where Rennes is placed, we rather look at what Paris is doing. For OM, I don’t think it’s pretentious to look at what Paris is doing… Because they have matches every three days. The match against PSG, which is being played in Marseille, can be decisive. Dreaming is not forbidden”enthuses Rolland Courbis. “I salute the work of Tudor and his staff, who manage to make good use of this successful recruitment of friend Pablo (Longoria)he continues. Tudor takes the side of putting an organization that is always the same: the players know it by heart and, the disadvantage is that the opponents too. But with a match every eight days, I insist, that changes everything. With this organization, this freshness, this possibility of using the five changes, it’s not a gift to meet OM! So I say bravo Tudor, bravo Longoria, I’m happy for the supporters. My hands are ready to applaud, but for the moment I’m still waiting and I’m not going to applaud this 4th place in C1, even if it allows us today to play one match per week.”

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