Line Papin, the ex-companion of Marc Lavoine makes a sad confession

Aged only 27, Line Papin is already a figure in the world of literature. It was at the age of 21 that she released her very first novel L’Eveil. But it was a few years later that the young woman became known to the general public, when she formalized her love story with Marc Lavoine. However, the author remains very discreet about her private life. Until this Friday, January 20.
Invited on the set of It starts today, the pretty brunette confided in Faustine Bollaert. Full of emotion, she recounted her year of ordeal in the face of her anorexia. It all started when the 10-year-old girl left her native country, Vietnam, to come and live in France. “It was ten wonderful years, I loved this country, I loved the colors, my friends, my family. I had my grandparents there, a nanny that I adored, who was like a second mother for me. We left Vietnam when I was 10, she explains, and it was a real tragedy for me. Nothing suited me anymore.”.

A difficult adolescence
Faced with this terrible change, Line Pepin is unable to adapt to French schools and her social life is then very reduced. “At the time of going to high school, it no longer interested me. So I no longer had an appetite for life, so I stopped eating.” She then fell into anorexia for a year. She explains that it is not linked to “self-image” but more by a “disinterestedness in life”. She then decides to write to heal. “As I was living something that I could not share, that people didn’t understand, I put a lot into this manuscript. Writing was something vital. It was no longer just something to amuse me or to please me, it had become ‘order of necessity” she explained this Friday, January 20, saved from her old demons. After her divorce in 2022 with Marc Lavoine and a terrible miscarriage, the 27-year-old young woman is now doing much better.


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