Lidl hits hard with its collection of Christmas sweaters at mini prices

By Jason Mathurin

– Published on 15 Nov 2022 at 12:30

The German distribution company Lidl unveils its collection of Christmas sweaters for women, men and children. Enjoy!

Lidl is the king of the marketing operation. Last September, the German company hit hard by winning… A car bearing his image. The price-breaking giant has raised the bar a notch higher after breaking the Web with its sneakers. As a reminder, the flocked sneakers had been so successful that some pairs sold for several thousand euros on the eBay site. Last month, the brand celebrated the first anniversary of its mobile application. On this occasion, the chain of stores has decided to offer a somewhat special contest. Indeed, the prizes to be won caught the attention of Internet users. Since it was… three cars, Mini Cooper, in its colours, blue, yellow and red. If you participated, find out right here how to know if you have won the jackpot!

Lidl Christmas ugly sweater on sale from November 28

In a few weeks, the French will celebrate Christmas. And if dressy outfits are often de rigueur during family meals, some favor humor. Little jokers sometimes like to arrive at the end of the year celebrations, decked out in a horrible Christmas sweater. If some supermarkets sell them every year, the models are rather classic and sometimes lack originality. But this year, fans of the concept will be able to stand out. In effect, after Lidl sneakers, the car, the shoes, the tracksuit, Lidl is launching its collection of Christmas sweaters. This Wednesday, November 9, the Instagram account Mrs Lidl unveiled a page from the brand’s catalog. In which we discover several sweaters from his collection. In particular three with the image of the chain since the logo is registered there wholesale.

Madame Lidl’s Instagram account

“From November 28”, wrote the good plan account in the caption of his post. Sweaters are displayed at €11.99 or less than 12 euros, an affordable price like all the other products of the brand. And if you don’t want the company logo on your chest, don’t worry! Lidl offers an entire collection of different sweaters, some with LEDs to light up a thousand lights during the holidays and with integrated sound effects. To note that “the electronics are washable”, great isn’t it? And there’s something for everyone, men, women and children with these four sweaters at 9.99 euros to discover above in the publication of Mrs Lidl.

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