Lemago Bike Bag Support Test: a waterproof case for a smartphone and accessories

The bag hangs on the handlebar of the bike thanks to a plastic support. A tongue and ring system makes it easy to tighten everything on a diameter of 20 to 45 mm. Nevertheless, the tightening never seems really perfect and the quality of the materials raises fears of breakage if you force too much.

The contact between the strip that encloses the handlebar and the latter is softened by a strip of soft material. This will have the merit of preserving the handlebars from any scratches. The thinner the handlebar, the less effective the clamping will be. Especially since the support and its bag weigh 180 grams, which is added to the weight of the smartphone. As a result, the shaking tends to rotate the support, so that the phone is no longer readable; a problem that does not appear on very flat routes.

This Lemego support does not offer any latitude for the orientation of the smartphone. Better to choose the right angle of the phone, because the transparent protection that comes over the screen is quickly susceptible to reflections.

The Lemego handlebar bag is universal and can accommodate the vast majority of smartphones on the market. The brand announces that it can carry phones from 4.5 to 6.7 inches diagonally. The pouch is attached to the support by interlocking two plastic parts.

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