Leboncoin: Auchan arrives on the platform with discounted prices

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In a few years, this online sales platform attracted many customers. Simple and easy to use, Leboncoin has been a great success since its creation. Leboncoin allows you to liquidate your furniture during a move, or, on the contrary, equip yourself at a low price. These days, the second-hand market is booming. Some use it to save money. For others, it is above all a question of giving a second life to objects which we no longer have any use for. However, recently Auchan has announced a partnership with this famous online store. The opportunity to surf the wave of second-hand items, for this retail giant.

Auchan Retail collaborates with Leboncoin

To present this project, Basile Guérin, director of partnerships for the supermarket chaingave an interview to our colleagues fromNews. According to him, this program conducted with Leboncoin has already started. “We currently have about fifty active stores. »

To attract site users, Auchan will offer non-food products. It can be second-hand items, but also unsold items, destocking or arrivals. Indeed, in supermarkets of the group, we mainly find everyday products. But there is also shelves dedicated to textiles, household appliances or even toys. Thus, the end of series, exhibition models, or objects, with a slight defect, will end up on Leboncoin.

Advertisements published by Auchan differ from commercial offers usual on the site. Concretely, Internet users will be able to find furniture, but also computers or telephones, and even wines. Here again, everything will depend on the stocks offered by partner supermarkets at the local level. It’s a way to give a life of use to these products. Otherwise, they would stay dormant in our reserves, or be recycled, or stored for the next year. »

Ads placed online in a decentralized way

In practice, each store will have its own page on Leboncoin. He will thus be able to publish as a professional seller, according to the goods he wishes to sell. Clearly, the items put online may vary completely depending on the points of sale concerned. Thus, one should not expect to see all partner outletspropose the same thing, at the same time. When the Auchan store in Bordeaux (Gironde) offers photo equipment or a massage chair, the Petite-Forêt store (North) offers around twenty ads, including children’s furniture and games, Harry Potter mugs. »

Thus, if a customer locates a product he likes on Leboncoinhe can pick it up directly from the supermarket that posted the ad. Non-food department teams will manage the sales themselves, with the support of a community manager. This device will make it possible to process stocks in a simple and efficient way. For Basile Guérin, it is » improve the management of unsold items. »

Leboncoin: this device has already been tested since the summer of 2022

Since last July, 16 Auchan supermarkets began to play the game. But in the long term, sales via Leboncoin should concern all the stores of the brand. For consumers, this represents a great plan.

However, as the advertisements remain locally managed, do not expect price differences, from one territory to another. According to Basile Guérin, the ads will still offer significant discounts, to the delight of customers on Leboncoin. You can find offers at -70%, but on average, it’s around -50% off. »

However, the director of partnerships at Auchan Retail, specifies that‘none delivery will not be possible. Customers will therefore have to come on site to pick up the purchases made via The good corner. Nevertheless, this service could see the light of day in the longer term.

Auchan, a sign committed against waste

Before embarking on the adventure with Leboncoin, the brand had already started working with Too Good To Go. If you’ve never heard of this service, it’s a new app that’s perfect for saving food that’s nearing its expiration date. It allows users to connect and locate nearby points of sale participating in the operation. In addition to Auchan stores, bakeries and restaurants jAlso listen to the game, with this solution against waste.

For Basile Guérin, this new project with Leboncoin constitutes the logical next step for the brand. He believes that Auchan is thus taking a big step, by collaborating with » the first circular economy platform in France. » For this chain of stores, this project also remains the opportunity to innovate and change its practices. Indeed, in recent years, the retail sector has had to deal with consumers who are changing their habits. Online sales, click and collect… Large surfaces must adaptfacing a changing world.

Leboncoin: the ally of the French at the end of the year

According to Basile Guérin, the new device tested by Auchan met with some success before Christmas. Thus, among the most sought-after articles on Leboncoin, we could find second-hand toys or refurbished devices. That’s what customers expect today. »

Moreover, resell useless gifts is now part of the acts that have become traditional, in January, on online sales sites. The goal? To get rid of some undesirable presents or received in duplicate. If this practice can leave doubtful in terms of good mannersit makes many people happy every year on The good corner. Thus, on RTLjournalist Armelle Levy revealed that 50 million objects had been put back online this way after the holidays. “Some will stay in the closet, but many will also go back to other homes, to the delight of those who buy them, because they cost less, and also those who resell them, because it gives them life. air financially. »

If you still have unused items in your garage, do not hesitate to post an ad on Leboncoin. And if you have a small budget, take a look at the offers available on the site. Indeed, in addition to objects, the platform also offers real estate or jobs.

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