Laurent Baffie makes revelations about his mental health

published on November 23, 2022

Known for clashing in one sentence the guests of a show, Laurent Baffie is also a hypersensitive man, plagued by a multitude of anxieties. He confides without taboo on RTL at the microphone of Flavie Flament.

We know him to be a sniper but Laurent Baffie is far from being just an author who knocks everything out on TV sets or in his shows. In promotion for the release of his book, simply titled Baffie’s Dictionary – The Completethe comedian reveals another face during his interviews and makes strong and intimate confidences, such as those made in his house where he officiates as a member of the Big heads.

In his youth, Laurent Baffie dreamed of being an artist but did not really know how to achieve it. He then wanted to become an actor but writing came to him first and he showed his effective pen. It is even he who created this job that is all the rage in talk shows now, that of sniper. It was for Thierry Ardisson in particular, sometimes bordering on the limits of reasonableness – his friend Nolwenn Leroy and her dress lifted remember it. However, his lines more often hit the mark than shocked the public, something to make him proud to have been able to do “a ballt” with what he was accused of when he was “kid“.

I happened to think I was having a stroke
Behind this ability to bounce on each sentence and to show a very sharp mind, however, hides a very sensitive man. On RTL, he was also able to explain how much it affected his daily life because he can be more than anxious and always has one on him: “The reason I lose my memory quite a bit, ’cause that shit fucks your memory, I always have a quarter of Lexomil in my jeans pocket, which I touch before I go on stage. I have a pang of anxiety so I touch it and I hardly ever take it. But if I don’t have it, then I have an anxiety attack. It happened to me when going on stage to think that I had a stroke and to play anyway, but it is much better.

Laurent Baffie then specifies to his interlocutor Flavie Flament that this anxiety is not only from a professional point of view, but also private. The one who made a impressive physical transformation Explain : “I’ve always been a very anxious person with metaphysical anxieties.“He will end the subject on a note tinged with self-mockery when he sometimes admits to being very easily moved:”I can cry in front Top chef me !”

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