Laurent Baffie admits to having had cosmetic surgery!

Laurent Baffie was the guest of Kyan Khojandi, on YouTube in the show “Un bon moment”, two weeks ago. And the comedian revealed to have undergone a transplant…

He is one of the first on TV to have served as a sniper. It was with Thierry Ardisson, and since then, many paf stars have done it, but always with less humor than him! Laurent Baffie was the guest of Kyan Khojandi, in “A good moment“, broadcast on YouTube.

And in the course of his interview, the comedian showed great honesty on a subject that is all too often taboo in his environment: hair implants!

He confessed to his host who does not have a hair on the pebbles: “One day, I was losing my hair, so I shaved my head. (…) I said to my wife ‘look, I don’t have a bald head'”. At 64, he felt that the Bruce Willis style was not going to be his, and he took steps to not find himself bald!

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And it was without suspecting the pain to which he was exposing himself that Laurent Baffie embarked on such a cosmetic surgery operation, which he will never be able to forget.

It ensures: “I am very cozy, very fearful. (…) I went to the best of clinics and see…

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