lack of glue on the new Mercedes-AMG SL

The appellation SL is the oldest still in use within the range mercedes : the first generation dates back to 1954. For a few months now, it’s the seventh opus that has taken place in the brand’s showrooms. A model with significant ambitions since, in addition to taking over the line, he is in charge of replacing the deceased AMG GT coupe and roadster. It is besides the subsidiary of Mercedes which ensured the development and which is in charge of the production.

Carrying the code name W232, the new SL, which marks the return of the soft top on this model, is the victim of an unusual anomaly. Indeed, the manufacturer indicates that, on certain examples, assembled between June 30, 2021 and June 27, 2022, the cover of the roof frame located above the windshield may be insufficiently fixed. Operation 6590006 therefore provides for these vehicles to receive additional glue at this element.

In France, 37 vehicles are affected by this recall. All are 63 4Matic+ versions, the top of the range of this model. In order to correct this problem, dealers will have to keep the car for a whole day. The owners are contacted directly by the builder.

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