Krups Intuition Experience + YY5058FD review: a brilliant full-auto coffee maker

Editor's Rating: 4 out of 5

Ease of use

By taking the Intuition Experience + YY5058FD out of its box, we are at least sure of one thing, it is that the most finicky people are likely to spend many hours polishing and bricking it. Indeed, Krups has chosen to coat it with materials that are very sensitive to the slightest dirt, the chrome (but plastic) parts in particular. Even before the machine sits on the worktop, fingerprints are already clearly visible. Inevitably, the slightest drink preparation stains the shiny surfaces with a multitude of very unattractive droplets.


Watch out for fingerprints!

Nevertheless, the Krups Intuition Experience + YY5058FD sports beautiful finishes. We didn’t notice any play, the various components fit together perfectly and the materials used, while messy, still seem to be of good quality. The diodes that adorn the dispensing nozzles bring a little more cachet to the whole, as does the line of LEDs located just above the drip tray.


The red color indicates that something is wrong. If the line is blue, everything is in order.

Compared to other devices in our comparison, the Intuition Experience + is rather compact. It will certainly take a little space on the worktop to accommodate it, but it measures only 24 cm wide by 40 cm deep for a height of 36 cm. In order to be completely complete on its measurements, let’s finish with its weight: 8.62 kg. It can therefore be moved quite easily if necessary, even if it is not really made for that.

The grain tank is nothing very original. Placed on top of the coffee maker, it can hold 250 grams of coffee and its large opening allows you to replenish it without the risk of scattering beans all over the place. There is the grinding adjustment wheel, as very often, but no ground coffee hatch; deca lovers will be at their expense. The water tank, for its part, is located at the back of the machine, which can make extracting or replacing it a little painful. However, it reaches a volume of 3 liters, a real asset since it is not necessary to fill it too often. By way of comparison, the tank of the Delonghi Perfecta Deluxe can only hold 1.7 liters of water and needs to be refueled very regularly.


The water tank is large enough to space out the chore of filling.

Once the Intuition Experience + is in place, and the various tanks are filled, it’s time to start preparing the drinks. And it is clear that the touch screen makes things much easier. As soon as the appliance is switched on, the home screen displays the various basic recipes available. Good point, to avoid having to swipe indefinitely to find the right drink, these are divided into four main categories (coffee, dairy, iced, tea). A simple touch on the category name automatically scrolls the icons to the selected recipe group.


Difficult to make more instinctive.

Once this first step has been taken, it is time to modify the drink according to individual tastes. Of course, depending on the basic recipe, the possibilities offered are not the same. You can only modulate the quantity of drink delivered as well as its intensity on an espresso for example. On the other hand, you can choose the amount of foam on a cappuccino. Once again, the screen simplifies maneuvers by displaying all the information clearly and precisely. It is even possible to save your drink via one of the most complete profile systems, using a color code and drink names to find your way around.

As often, we regret a little that it is not planned to vary the temperature of the drink on the fly in the same way. In fact, to carry out this operation, you must go to the preferences section (by touching the key adorned with a gear) and then select one of the three levels. True numerical indications would certainly have been preferable to simple bearings, but few full-auto machines go so far in personalization. Of course, the screen also streamlines the other machine setting operations (time, language, temperature, water hardness, etc.) since, once again, everything is very clearly indicated.


Many parameters can be easily modified.

One of the strengths of the Intuition Experience + is its ability to prepare cold drinks. But beware, these are not real drinks. cold brew, which require brewing the coffee in cold water for hours. In fact, the machine prepares a completely classic drink, with powder and hot water. This flows into a glass filled with ice cubes (and sometimes milk) previously prepared by the user to cool the result. The mixture is then sucked into the pipe which is also used for dispensing milk, before being redistributed through the nozzles. If you wanted to acquire the Intuition Experience + especially for its iced drinks, know that a simple spoon to mix coffee, milk and ice cubes probably does just as well, even if you then lose “wow”.


The Krups Intuition Experience + in cold drink mode.

Editor's Rating: 4 out of 5

Ease of maintenance

As often on machines with a screen, the maintenance of the Intuition Experience + YY5058FD should not be a problem.

The user is informed via the electronic display of the various operations to be undertaken and the components which must be removed, cleaned, emptied, etc. are clearly identified thanks to a diagram of the device. It is also possible to anticipate needs thanks to a maintenance menu which summarizes the various chores to be carried out, but note that the dispensing nozzles are rinsed after preparing a drink.

Krups promises that all the features of the cleaning tab are enough to effectively maintain the Intuition Experience + YY5058FD in every corner. It is therefore not planned to open the device to wash the entrails of the beast yourself, which always worries us a little.


The drip tray is pretty well thought out.

Emptying the drip tray does not require any special precautions. It is small enough not to complicate the process and a lid equipped with a drain hole avoids spilling yellowish liquid: a no-fail!

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